The iCan Programme provides a complete intervention for young people at risk of offending or those at risk of school exclusion. Young people can access the iCan programme by being referred to by their school, by Dudley MBC’s Inclusion Panel, Dudley Youth Offending Team or the West Midlands Violence Reduction Unit (WMVRU).

In most cases the programme will last for a minimum of 12 weeks (one school term) but could be extended for young people requiring further intervention.  Young people can start the programme at any point during the school year.  The programme is full time during the day as education will be provided by Priory Park Community School, with opportunities for additional hours at the boxing club for young people who wish to continue.  If needed an Education Health and Care Plan can be completed for a young person on the programme by our qualified Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinators which has the capacity to support the young person till the age of 25.  

The programme consists of the following elements:

  • Delivery and completion of The West Midlands Violence Reduction Unit’s Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) programme.  This will be fully embedded into the curriculum delivered at Priory Park Community School
  • Delivery and completion of the Police Clubs Olympic Boxing Contender AM-Box programme at Priory Park Amateur Boxing Club
  • Therapeutic interventions and mentoring by qualified staff at both settings
  • The continuation of key stage 3 and 4 curriculum and qualifications throughout the programme
  • Enrolment on the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme
  • Out of school (evening / weekend) support and intervention from Priory Park Boxing Club.
  • Parental support and workshops from partners of Priory Park Community School
  • Mentoring Young People course through developing youth practice and the theory-based approach of William Glasser-Choice Theory, looking at basic needs, building positive relationships, behaviour, perceptions and developing conversations.