At Priory Park Community School, we have high expectations of all our students, and we believe that school attendance is everyone’s responsibility. It is essential that young people come to school every day on time, as we know that good school attendance leads to good progress.   

Priory Park Community School believe improving attendance is everyone’s business. The barriers to accessing education are wide and complex, both within and beyond the school gates, and are often specific to individual pupils and families.  

At Priory Park Community School, we have an Attendance Promise which is shared with our young people: 

  • I will try to come to school everyday  
  • I will try my best to arrive on time 
  • I will try my best to be prepared for school everyday 

Our Attendance and Pastoral Team are available to students and parents should you need to discuss anything in relation to attendance and will always do our best to resolve any issues or concerns.   

If your young person is absent from Priory Park Community School for any reasons you need to contact the attendance line on 01384 813640 with the reasons for absence.   

We also request that you provide medical evidence if your child is absent due to illness.  This could be appointment card (name/date/time clearly stated), Prescription, Medical Packaging (child’s name/date of birth) and Medication or a Hospital Letter/ Appointment Letter. 

If possible medical appointments need to be arranged outside of school hours and young people should attend school before or after.   

Mrs N Kirby and Ms S Dixon are the Priory Park Attendance Officers and can be contacted on 01384 813640.   

Working together to improve school attendance. September 2022.  
Working together to improve school attendance (
Summary table of responsibilities for school attendance. September 2022.
Summary table of responsibilities for school attendance (