Priory Park Community School is an alternative provision independent school in the Wren’s Nest area of Dudley to provide support for young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties or who are at significant risk of permanent exclusion from mainstream school.  The community focussed school is unique to the borough, offering a broad and balanced core curriculum but also focussing on mentoring through sporting activities.  This is delivered through a strong partnership with Priory Park Boxing Club and outdoor education, making use of the Wren’s Nest Nature Reserve, a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest and one of the most important geological locations in Britain.  Wren’s Nest is also a Local Nature Reserve, a National Nature Reserve (NNR) and Scheduled Ancient Monument, so lends itself perfectly to cross curricular learning.  The school offers a warm, welcoming environment and encourage high parental engagement.

The unique selling point of the school is our access to mentoring through sporting activities.  Priory Park Boxing Club plays a large part in this offer, using fitness based activities to build resilience, confidence and self-awareness skills that can be used back in a mainstream school or in preparation for college or apprenticeships.  Qualifications from the Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) are delivered alongside ASDAN and BTEC Awards, or GCSEs for more able learners.  Priory Park Boxing Club can also offer extra-curricular support outside of school hours, including the school holidays. 

Our objectives are:

  • An outstanding provision for young people with SEMH difficulties
  • Reduced number of permanently excluded children in Dudley and surrounding areas
  • Support young people in the return to full time education following the Covid19 pandemic.
  • More alternative provision options for the local authority to commission.
  • Making use of excellent facilities in the Wren’s Nest area
  • Provide young people with a range of qualifications, meeting their needs
  • Build strong relationships with local organisations, businesses and agencies